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Authorised By Andrew Laming MP 10/32 Middle Street, Cleveland, 4163

A Message from Andrew

When leaving eye surgery to become the Federal
MP for Redland City, I vowed to turn my passion
for our area into action. That means action on
Redlands Hospital funding, action on congestionbusting
road upgrades and action on community
safety and CCTV cameras. Essential services like
schools and healthcare can never play second
fiddle to big bureaucracy and red tape.
Redlands is a great place, but we have to stop
doing studies and start building infrastructure,
before the development arrives, not decades after.
The Federal Liberal National Government is helping
to create more jobs and lowering the cost of living.
Local jobs and better services rely on a strong
economy. That’s why I support fixing the budget,
backing local small business, lowering taxes,
investing in Redlands infrastructure, boosting
our exports and making your electricity more
Locals don’t need more political promises, but
they do want a representative who will stand up for
them and address and deal with their concerns.
Redland Hospital has become the poor cousin in
our region, and our major roads are completely
inadequate. I won’t be distracted from fixing these
vital areas for your family.

Andrew Laming
Federal Member for Bowman